Special Restoration Work and Storm Damage Clean-up at the Museum in 2018

Restoration Work and Storm Damage  Clean-up at the Van Wyck Homestead Museum

It takes a lot of resources to keep a 284 year old building up. Restoration work at the Van Wyck Homestead Museum is always happening on some level. The museum is owned and operated by the Fishkill Historical Society, which is a 100% volunteer run organization, and is only funded through fundraising and donations.  Volunteers open the museum to the public on Saturdays and Sundays from 1:00-4:00, June through October as well as host other events throughout the year.

Over the past couple of years, the Fishkill Historical Society's Restoration Fund has incurred many costs associated with extensive work has been done on the building including replacement of the roof in 2016 as well as interior and exterior wall, window and other work this spring which mainly included re-plastering, painting and other repairs. All of this restoration work will help keep the museum in good shape and fit to fight the elements with the added benefit that the museum looks great!

There was also work done on the museum's grounds this spring to prune and remove trees that were dead or damaged and had become hazardous to the building, other structures and visitors.  About two-weeks after the tree work was done, on Tuesday, May 15th, a strong storm blew through Fishkill and blew down or damaged 20+ trees on the museum's grounds! Volunteers have done what they could to get the museum's driveway and lawn areas cleared so that the museum could open for tours on Saturday, June 2nd but there is still a need to have a professional outfit come to the museum to address more of the damaged trees. The trustees are also looking foward to having the means to re-plant trees to replace the trees.

Please consider donating to the Fishkill Historical Society's Restoration Fund to help re-coup the costs of restoration, maintenance and unexpected tree work so that the building will be here for another 284 years to share Fishkill's place in Colonial American  history and the Revolutionary War.

Thank you!​​